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Cleaning Supplies

Other Services

Cleaning, Maintenance and Staging Services

Offered in conjunction with the sale of the home, this service is a deep clean to prepare the home for sale as well as managing any maintenance items that may need to be done to prepare the home for sale. 

Staging Services can include a full or partial staging and are offered in conjunction with the sale of the estate.

Estate Immediate Buyout

If there is not enough to conduct a traditional on-site or on-line estate sale and our clients want a quick exit, they can choose a lump sum buyout option.  Idaho ETS will purchase the contents or facilitate the purchase of the contents by serving as a liaison by providing our clients with buyers specifically looking to purchase entire estates.

Online Estate Sales

If an estate is not big enough to conduct an on-site estate sale, we offer online estate sales on a national estate sale platform with an auction format.

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