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Old and Young

Senior Move Assistance

It is sometimes a necessity to relocate our loved ones either to an assisted or independent living facility or into a communal living situation.  At Idaho ETS we partner with Senior Move Managers that can handle each step of this very important move with the utmost care.  This process begins by meeting with a senior move consultant to discuss the specific needs of the senior.  Idaho ETS can provide a list of trusted Senior Move Consultants. 

Idaho ETS provides the physical aspect of the move planning as follows:

  • Assistance with packing, sorting and labeling

  • Assistance with unpacking and debris removal

  • Facilitate redistribution of household goods to multiple locations such as other family member’s homes, donation location, storage, recycling and disposal

  • Coordination with senior facilities to ensure we are familiar with the layout, equipment requirements and any applicable move in/out rules.

We find this service as one of the most rewarding services offered at Idaho ETS.  We offer the little extra patience and kind ear that is often a requirement in a senior move.

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