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Meeting Half Way

Our second most popular option is our limited packages that deals strictly with personal property liquidation.


Personal Property Fee and Contract Term

The personal property liquidation fee is 50% of all sold items, such as furnishings, appliances, tools, equipment, collectibles, artwork, clothing and any other items you wish to relinquish.  The contract term is 3 months.  Any fees incurred from placing items for sale on platforms such as eBay are NOT included in this package and are due at the closing of each transaction sale.


Stop Loss Minimum

We understand some items may be very valuable, and you have a limit on the amount for which the item can be sold.  To assist with this process, we can place a Stop Loss Minimum Price on THREE ITEMS OF CHOICE only.


Personal Property Valuation

All personal property is subject to evaluation, to determine if we can liquidate or prepare for other means of liquidation. 


Packing and Transferring Items

Depending on how many staff members are needed to pack and transfer items, the pricing fluctuates between 2/4/6 hours of prepping and packing.  The time spent on labor, staff assisting with prepping and packing items at your home to safely transfer to our liquidation store is as follows.  All packing materials such as boxes and packing paper are included in pricing:

  • 2 staff members / 2 hours: $80.00

  • 2 staff members / 4 hours: $160.00

  • 2 staff members / 6 hours: $320.00


Donation Items

If needed, any items set aside for donation or disposal are collected, picked up, and transferred to the donation center on your behalf.  The Donation Transfer Fee is $250.00 per 14' trailer load.



Cleaning items is sometimes necessary to prep for sale.  Dust, cigarette smells, or even minor repairs may be needed to finalize sales.  If needed, the applicable 10% fee/sales price of the item for cleaning will be added.


Remaining Personal Property

Any personal property remaining that hasn't been liquidated after 3 months will be released to Idaho Estate Transition Solutions and payments for personal property sales will end.  At this time most highly desirable items may have sold and only a few items remain unsold.  If you wish to pick up any unsold items after the 3 months, these items must be notated in the Consignment Agreement contract at time of signing.

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